Brandon Ditto

These are things I've worked on for fun.

It's Still Thinking

I'm creating this website to express my absolute love for my favorite video game system ever: Sega Dreamcast. With my cousin, we plan to write articles about our experiences with the system, past and new. I also want to emphasize the impact the console and games have had on the video game industry. I've always been very passionate about the Dreamcast and wanted to make a tribute to it in some way.


The Tenshinhan Jinja

This website is a fan site to the Dragon Ball (anime television show) character, Tenshinhan (known as Tien in the US). The power the anime/manga Dragon Ball has over me is immense in the sense that I create a massive amount of content that is absolutely serious and scholarly in nature, which is something I've never really done. I've in-depthly analyzed this one character who isn't even real. It's pretty bizarre. I created this site in 2000. I've begun to remake in 2008 (better writing) and have not found much time to finish the remake. However, I will not give up on it!


The Sports Blog

Here is the most ridiculous thing I've ever created. It's the complete opposite of the previous project. This faux-blog is my attempt at making fun of blogs, sports, average American college guys, and teenage girls. I succeeded immensely. The fake character I made that is the "blog creator" started out as an American college guy who loved Sports but didn't know much about them. By the end of the blog posts, he is a gay guy that begins to care more about teenage girl culture (music, movies, hot guys). Basically the regular American guy was gay the whole time and through the course of the blog, it all came out. Sports was used as a front. Besides the weird story taking place, I wanted to make people who follow Sports feel dumb about themselves and Sports. Make sure to read the blog from the bottom-up, since the newest posts are at the top. You don't want to spoil the storyline.