Brandon Ditto

"Music is extremely easy to make." --Brandon Ditto

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1. Start
2. Baller
3. Shorty
4. Y'all
5. Child
6. Good
7. Swag
8. V.I.P.
9. Boys
10. Girls
11. Love
12. End
13. God
14. Fin


The main theme is that of fantasies and delusions.

The song titles are extremely simple and exude seemingly dumb subjects. You'll find that my disdain for culture is the first layer of meaning. Beyond that,it's really about my delusions I have about the human world and myself. I suppose the point is that we all create beliefs and ideas in our heads and truth evades us all. We live in a fantasy world very much man-made (religion, love, emotions, possessions, beer, "coolness", cosmetics). I'm not so certain that that's a bad thing though. I live in a fantasy world literally--I love my dreams more than real life.

The sound of the music is very melodic and clean. The vocals should contrast the pristine instrumentals with their "not-so-perfect" qualities. The style of the music, much like the first album, is kind of like pop music. It fits the phantasmal theme of the album. This album is almost like a childhood dream I've had since I made an interesting electronic album with my siblings long ago. I hope the imaginative, child-like sound is evident.



1. Self sex
2. Slow Motion
3. Wiggle Worm
4. Double D
5. Wake Up
6. Pretty Girlz
7. Quiet B****
8. Dirty B*****z
9. Blue Ballz
10. Still Pretty
11. Bran Bran
12. With Me
13. A Sexual
14. Another Guy
15. Night Over
16. Power C***
17. Hidden Song
18. Bonus Track


I wanted this album to sound more mature musically. There is a lot of guitar stuff. At the same time, I increased the hip-hop influence as well.

The lyrics evolved in the sense that there is now meaning, but the meaning isn't the gay stuff I'm talking about. They aren't even about sex. It's more about being alone and developing a relationship with yourself that verges on narcissism. However, the key is that I'm not handling emotions in the same way other music does. The lyrics are aware of how pathetic they are, and are really supposed to make you feel depressed for being a human.

As I state in the first song, I don't really want you to listen to words too much, but really just to the melody of the vocals. I think I have some great melodies in these songs, and I hope it seems better than most 'real' music.

Another thing to point out is that the songs are really short and generally don't repeat parts too often. I don't understand the heavy repetition of music or understand the need. I want you to want more after hearing a song; not to be satisfied. It's the unique parts of songs that give me chills.

I made a 'Bonus Track' called 'Bonus Track' for the digital download of the album.


Brandon Ditto
2006 - 2007

1. Grind It Out
2. Deinonychus
3. Velociraptor
4. Damn, Girl!
5. Blasian Princess
6. Two Hot
7. I Am Your God
8. Corbin Frazee
9. Get Out of Bed
10. All Your Books Yet
11. Brandon Ditto
12. Felt So Good
13. Girl Princess
14. So DIMM


My first album I was basically trying to prove how easily music can be made and that it does not require someone with talent. I tried to make the intstrumental parts genuinely beautiful. The lyrics are awful only to show no self-respect and to almost ruin the songs I made. It's hard to explain, but it's almost self-pitying--ruining the songs just to feel bad about myself. I suppose it's also in response to the utter seriousness of emotions found in 'real' music.The final song on the album ends horribly to kind of make you feel unsatisfied.

I sing awful lyrics in an attempt to take away the meaning of stupid things that we can say as Americans in our culture.

With respect to hip-hop music, I gave a lot of the songs hip-hop beats. The first song on the album I took lyrics from rap songs to show the potential rap music could have, since rap is not musically rich enough (or varied).

Overall, I'd say it's demented 'Popular Music.' That's in response to indie music, because indie tries so hard to not sound like popular music. Also, people expect kids my age to make really boring indie music. Making genuinely good music surprises people, and hopefully makes them realize how simply having a 'taste in music' is trite.

This album is no longer available for download because it may be too offensive to people who don't get it.


I gave this album cover 3 variations and made about 14 of them. My friends got to pick their favorite color scheme.